Taylor Made Tour


We pick you up from the international airport of Santiago and then… 


You begin  your adventure in the oldest area of Santiago called Barrio Concha y Toro.

Walking on the cobble stone streets you will see the old life style of Chilean people,you will have time to take photos of the many styles of architecture from dating back to the 19th and early 20th century.

After that you will get into the neighborhood República to see the homes of the high society then, leaving behind the old area you will visit the  civic area of the Presidential Palace called La Moneda, (get out and walk from the civic area to the main market) and Plaza de la ciudadanía. We visit the main square, called Plaza de Armas and enjoy a nice walk by the main Cathedral and Post office.

Pass by the main market Mercado Central, Going along  Parque Forestal you will go all the way toward the top of the San Cristobal hill where you can see the best overview of the city and it’s notable geological depression, enjoy the beautiful landscape of the park.

Going down the hill you will get to the district called Providencia known for its green areas and beautiful churches. You will visit the modern  area called Las Condes in order to see how Santiago has been growing since 1541 when Pedro De Valdivia Arrived.

Then we will pick you up for a light dinner in the oldest areas of Santiago there is a great neiborhood called Lastarria, there we will enjoy a nice walk and a great wine pairing.



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Perez Cruz, Santa Rita & Aquitania wineries

We will drive One-hour south  to the  Maipo Valley, where we will see the narrow valley between high cliffs, at the foothill of the Andes, is the most important and productive vineyards of Chile for red grapes.

The natural conditions of the Maipo Alto Valley for the production of premium wines, led Perez Cruz to choose the best varieties for its terroir. The 140 hectares of vines are planted with The 140 hectares of vines are planted with Cabernet Sauvignon, Carmenere, Merlot, Syrah, Malbec and Petit Verdot.

The principal aim of  Viña Perez Cruz is to produce fine wines, with a proper identity but that expressed all the qualities of the Maipo Alto, the cradle of the Chilean premium  wines the most suitable varieties were chosen. 

At the same time the winery building was constructed with a high technology standard but design to harmonize with the natural landscape. The architect José Cruz Ovalle created a laminated wood building with low stone walls around the base. It measures 6000 square meters and has natural light. The wooden roof, supported on curved pillars of the same material, was designed to allow thermal isolation and free air flow circulation, both ideal for fine wine making. We will tour around the vines and the production building including a wine tasting.

Our next stop is going to be for the Viña  Santa Rita  that it was founded in 1880, by a distinguished entrepreneur of those times, Mr. Domingo Fernández Concha in the area of Alto Jahuel where the main installations of the winery are currently located. From the very beginning, he introduced fine French varieties, winemakers and the most advanced winemaking techniques. At the end of the 80´s a great expansion period for Santa Rita starts, sustained by the great momentum experienced by its exports and the excellent reputation acquired by its products, which obtained important awards and worldwide recognition. We deserve  a remarkable lunch for special food tasting, their service is characterized by their family atmosphere and natural cooking. All the products are grown in their organic gardens and are handcrafted by their chefs. Then our last premium boutique winery will be  Viña Aquitania, there two wellknown agronomist and wine makers from Bordeaux France: Paul Pontallier (of Chateau Margaux) and Bruno Prats (former owner of Cos‘Estournel) they, In 1990, they acquired 43 acres in the “Quebrada de Macul” – historically the heart of the Maipo valley vineyard – at the foot of the Andean cordillera, near the city of Santiago. We will tour the vines and the production building ending with a wine tasting under a walnut three.


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Alchemy and Maturana wines

We will drive to the Almahue valley to the Cachapoal region The owner/winemaker North American Alphonse DeRose of DeRose Vineyards in Monterrey they produces famous 125 year-old vine Zinfandel and Negrette. He said : “ This Chilean project started after an evening of music, wine and conversation among friends while he was working at a winery in Chile. The idea was to spare no effort and make an exceptional, completely hand-made wine at an exceptional price by marrying modern vineyard and winemaking techniques with old vine grapes. He has worked intensively with the local grape growers to implement meticulous vineyard management techniques that were unfamiliar to them, like heavy leaf plucking, shoot positioning and dropping of fruit, to ensure the highest quality fruit possible. Part of the secret to this wine’s quality was the creation of a highly skilled, low cost local labor force through intensive training in advanced viticulture and the vinification techniques.
The grapes are grown in gravelly, sandy, light clay soil in the Almahue sub-zone in the Cachapoal Valley zone in the Rapel sub-region in the Central Valley region south of Santiago in the Entre Cordilleras area. The individual grapes are hand-picked at optimal ripeness, one at a time or in small bunches, followed by a natural yeast fermentation in small fermenters. There is typically a seven day maceration. The wine is aged for twelve months in 20% new French oak.
And what a wine! So smooth and supple, it lithely glides through the mouth, coating with rich flavor and sensuous texture. There are bright berry aromas and flavors, with the slightest hint of herbs and earth to remind you that it is Carménère and not Merlot. There is good natural acidity to keep everything vibrant and alive. And the tannins are very silky and smooth. The finish is rich and satisfying. Only 250 cases made”.We will tour the área with the winemaker and enjoy sharing and learning while you enjoy a great tasting with some local cheese and then a in their great gardens’  house we will enjoy  lunch made by them with local products.Our experience continue to our next valley Colchagua in the Tambo area  by  San Fernando city there we will continue to the winery Maturana. Born after the tremendous earthquake that rocked Chile in 2010, Maturana wines is the small scale project of Javier Maturana Lanza, together with his son José Ignacio, to develop wines of exceptional quality with a unique sense of place.

Each step has been carefully thought through, hand crafting the selection of grapes considered good enough during the harvest, to produce an artisanal wine which faithfully represents their work ethic.

As they use to tell, “there are no recipes here… just the unwavering urge to create wines like no others”

Vineyards were carefully selected according to their natural geographical and climatic characteristics, together with soil structure, which allows us to have a sense of place and identity.

Grapes must have good skin and tannic ripeness, be healthy, and have a maximum of fruit expression when harvesting. This is done via berry tasting at the vineyard to thus obtain fresh, unique wines with character and great ageing potential.

The cellar is geared to take complete advantage of the natural beauty of the grapes we have selected and to leave their unique characteristics unaltered when they are made into wine. Very small stainless steel tanks have been specially designed to be able to process the grapes with minimum intervention during their fermentation process; and, under an absolutely controlled system of supervision.

Grapes are hand harvested during the early hours of the morning in 7kgs trays, to maintain the natural freshness and to avoid the skin splitting. This is where the manual process starts, followed by de-twigging and all the fermentation & ageing processes carried out by hand, without mechanical intervention of pumps which might alter the natural and original conditions of the grapes

The owner and winemaker will take you through the process of winemaking of an exclusive wine over 92 points and make a tasting with cheese and dry fruits.Then we will continue to Colchagua’s heart, Santa Cruz town where we are going to stay overnight.


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